Despite tariffs and protests, the influence of the Chinese dictatorship on life in America continues to grow. American athletes and other celebrities are increasingly pressured to avoid criticizing China’s “President for Life” Xi Jinping. Unfortunately, this stealth censorship could start affecting more Americans if we don’t act to protect ourselves.

In the People’s Republic of China, a social credit system is used to keep the people under control. Those who spend “their” money the wrong way or like counterrevolutionary posts on social media have their scores reduced. Lower social credit scores can mean slower Internet speeds, being banned from the best schools, or not getting promotions. Social credit is the natural extension of political correctness and shadow banning on social media. Given persistent rumors that Facebook secretly creates profiles of non-users, the Chinese dictatorship might be profiling Americans too.

Don’t think that it can’t happen here. The White House Press Secretary called it “Orwellian nonsense” when the Chinese government demanded that airlines stop listing Taiwan as a country. Yet, Delta, United, and American Airlines all bowed to Beijing to avoid being kept out of the massive Chinese market.

Hollywood has also taken part in the regime’s campaign against the “renegade province” of Taiwan. In the original Top Gun, Maverick’s jacket had patches for the United Nations, America, Japan, and Taiwan. In the trailer for the sequel, the patches for Japan and Taiwan disappeared because they offended the Chinese government. Perhaps Hollywood’s next move will be to remove the American flag and make Maverick a social justice warrior for globalism.

The mainstream press still covers some of the sinister schemes of the Communist dictatorship in China. For example, Bloomberg reported on a Chinese government plan to put spy chips into computer servers used by American companies like Apple and Amazon. They’ll also tell you that the Big Banks are afraid of Chinese payment apps. You should be scared too. If these Chinese payment apps take off in America, you can bet they’ll report your financial activities to our Big Brother in Beijing.

How can we fight back to protect our finances and our freedom from the shadow of China’s dictator? Long before he became Fed Chair, Alan Greenspan wrote an essay on the connection between gold and economic freedom. Why do tyrants hate private gold ownership? Because they hate freedom. When you buy gold, you take your money out of their system. They cannot track you or inflate away your savings if you own gold.

Xi Jinping can ban Winnie the Pooh in China, but he can’t ban bear markets with Keynesian economic stimulus plans. The free market will always triumph over dictators in the end. When the bears come for Xi, gold holders will be first in line to profit.