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The Legendary ‘Rose Crown Shield’ Guinea Gold Coin Returns, Exclusively from PM Capital

By LINDON, Utah - August 18, 2017 No Comments

First-ever Rose Crown Shield silver coin also released

LINDON, Utah – Aug. 18, 2017 — More than 350 years after its initial release, the “Rose Crown Shield” Guinea, the legendary gold coin returns to the world market, PM Capital, LLC, a premier precious metals company based in the Salt Lake Valley, announced today. In addition, a first-ever “Rose Crown Shield” silver legal tender coin is being released, the company said.

The new coins are being issued by Saint Helena in conjunction with The East India Company. Saint Helena is best known as the island stronghold where Napoleon Bonaparte was held from 1815, following the Battle of Waterloo, until his death in 1821.

“We’re excited to return these historic coins to today’s investors and collectors,” said Scott Carter, PM Capital’s CEO. “And we’re thrilled to say PM Capital is the only place where these coins can be obtained. I believe thousands of savvy precious metal investors will want to add these outstanding coins to their holdings.”

The new Saint Helena Rose Crown Shield Guinea legal tender coins are a tribute to the original coins released during the reign of King George II. The quarter-ounce Gold coin is struck in 999.9 pure Gold, carrying the face value of £25. The 1.25-ounce Silver coin is the first-ever Guinea struck in Silver bearing a face value of £1.25.

Speaking from The East India Company Head Quarters in London, Chairman Sanjiv Mehta says,

"The Guinea travelled the world on The East India Company ships as the most trusted and traded gold coin of its time, forming the very foundation of international trade. The East India Company and St Helena Government are delighted to return the iconic Rose Crown Shield Guinea exclusively to PM Capital customers continuing its legacy once again as a safeguard and storage of wealth for the modern discerning investor."

“More and more investors are adding precious metals to their IRAs, and we are happy that these exclusive coins can be included,” said Carter. “In these incredibly volatile times, it is so important to have a diversified portfolio that can provide financial security and peace of mind.”

Official legal tender coins of Saint Helena, the reverse of each coin features the Rose Crown Shield, the coin’s weight and bears the mint mark of The East India Company. The obverse bears an effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by internationally renowned sculptor Raphael Maklouf.

A Vibrant History

The Guinea was first introduced by Charles II in 1663. The first English machine struck coin, it was originally worth one Pound or twenty shillings, however, over time its value fluctuated with the price of gold until in 1717 Britain adopted the gold standard and its value was fixed at 21 shillings.

The Rose Crown Shield Guinea design was introduced by King George II taking its name from the elaborately decorated crowned shield of the Royal Arms design which was commonly compared to an open rose. During his 33-year reign, King George II’s coinage included various Guineas struck with eight different obverses and five different reverses. Gold supplied by The East India Company was used to strike a number of Guineas during King George II’s reign and marked by His Majesty’s Treasury with the provenance mark E.I.C. under the effigy of the King to denote this.

The intricate and elaborate Rose Crown Shield reverse was also used on King George III Guineas until 1786, bearing the Royal Arms and titles symbolizing England and Scotland, France, Ireland, and the German possession of the Hanoverian dynasty.

About The East India Company - London

Granted a Royal Charter by Queen Elizabeth I in 1600, awarding it a monopoly on trade in the East, The East India Company became the world’s first global corporation. Trading in precious metals, fine cloth, tea and spices throughout India and the Far East it laid the foundations for the British Empire, establishing trade routes, cities, and cultures and influencing the world’s tastes, thinking, and its people.

In the late 17th century, Moses Mocatta and The East India Company led the transportation of gold from Brazil to London to the first gold rush. This arrival of large quantities of gold created a need for a purpose-built vault to be established by the Bank of England and saw the rise of London as one of the world’s leading bullion markets.

Today bullion remains at the heart of The East India Company. Manufactured to investment quality, our bullion range features the majestic Mohur and iconic Guinea coins as well as minted bars in .9999 gold. Honorable and trusted, The East India Company’s investment coins and bars remain at the heart of the gold trade.

About PM Capital

PM Capital is a premier precious metals company providing gold, silver, and platinum investment products to investors who desire to diversify their financial portfolios. With its diverse marketing strategies and unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service, PM Capital sets itself apart from other precious metal companies.

More information on the Rose Crown Shield Guinea coins can be found at or by calling 1-800-599-8391.