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Silver – A Precious Metal of Many Uses

By LINDON, Utah - January 19, 2017 No Comments

We love our silver flatware, jewelry, coins and bullion, but silver has a number of other interesting and valuable uses in industry as well.



The image shows the bottom side of a printed circuit board, and those are soldered joints joining the various components that make the circuits operate.  And, they all contain silver.  Now, think about how many electronic circuit boards you have in items you use every day, from your car to your home and favorite tech toys.

The superb electric conductivity of silver keeps it in high demand in all types of electronic circuitry, and there is only increasing demand into the foreseeable future.  The next new high-tech gadget you buy, think about why you may want to consider silver as an investment.

Solar Power


The photovoltaic industry is taking off, no doubt about it.  The first thing that comes to mind are the huge solar power farms with thousands of large solar collectors all converting the power of the sun into electricity.

However, there are smaller solar collectors in millions of places you pass by every day.  There are now even structural roofing panels that lock together and power homes with solar.  While gold is beautiful and useful in jewelry, silver is powering things you use every day.

Medical Uses


Silver is widely used in the medical field, more than most people realize.  Coatings on medical instruments contain silver to help with infection control.

When you put those braces on your child’s teeth, that’s a silver alloy you’re looking at.  Silver is used in wound dressing cream, as it has anti-bacterial properties, and is considered an aid to faster healing of burns and wounds.

Silver is good for many things, including our health.



The vast majority of mirrors we use every day are simply a glass pane overlaying a sprayed coating of silver alloy.  This is what creates the reflective effect.

Count the mirrors you see in your home, car and workplace and you’ll see just how much silver is hiding behind objects we use in our everyday lives.

The next time you look into a mirror, think about what’s behind it and your investment portfolio.

Gold definitely has a place in your portfolio for protection of your assets.  However, the demand for silver just keeps growing, and we all know that the basic rule of “supply and demand” should keep upward pressure on silver prices.