Precious Metal Dealers In Tulsa, Oklahoma


Don's Coin and Jewelry

With a history stretching back all the way to 1968, Don's Coin & Jewelry has an excellent claim to the position of Tulsa's most well-established and well-regarded coin dealership. Rare coins are a particular specialty, and the shop deals in US and foreign coins, graded coins, and paper currency. The store does a busy trade - both buying and selling - in all forms of numismatic collectibles. The company also deals in scrap gold and silver and jewelry. Don's Coin and Jewelry maintain American Numismatic Association membership.

(918) 743-9241
4614 East 31st Street
Tulsa, OK 74135


Green Country Coins

Located in Miss McGillicutty's Antiques Mall in Jenks, Oklahoma, Green Country Coins is a fully-stocked numismatic outlet. Their growing selection of desirable US coins is accompanied by a full range of coin-collecting supplies. US coinage from before 1965 is a particular specialty and the shop carries ample supplies of silver dollars (Morgan and Peace), Indian head pennies, mercury dimes, and graded Lincoln cents. Green Country's offerings range from affordable lower-grade examples to valuable high-grade rarities. The shop is an excellent destination for everyone from the coin-collecting novice to the serious numismatic investor.

(918) 743-9241
4614 East 31st Street
Tulsa, OK 74135


Silver Dollar Jewelry & Pawn

Silver Dollar Jewelry & Pawn is a family pawn shop that aims at an upscale clientele. Founder Tim Clark, Sr. has always stressed a family atmosphere where outstanding personal service is a top priority for both buyers and sellers. Silver Dollar specializes in jewelry, but they trade in all sorts of precious metals, including coins, bars, rings, and more. The shop is interested in purchasing scrap metal - silver, gold, and platinum - in any and all form. Some of the store's inventory appears on eBay, but only their Tulsa showroom can present the full range of products they offer for sale.

(918) 744-8666
4125 South Peoria Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74105


Top Dollar Pawn

Tulsa's leading pawn shop, Top Dollar Pawn buys and sells precious metals of every sort. The store trades frequently in silver dollars, gold bars, and rare coins both from the US and around the world. The pawnshop is also interested in buying jewelry, flatware, and scrap metal in gold and silver. Top Dollar sets itself apart with outstanding customer service. Besides buying and selling, the company also handles jewelry repairs and creates its own custom pieces of jewelry. In addition to dealing in every form of gold and silver, the pawnshop has a diverse inventory of other goods, including musical instruments and electronics.

(918) 665-0009
3130 South Sheridan Road
Tulsa, OK 74145