Precious Metal Dealers In New York City, New York


Astoria Coins And Collectibles

Situated just outside of New York City, Astoria Coins and Collectibles are well known for their collection of rare foreign and US coins and paper currency. Astoria's collection includes proof and mint sets, silver dollars, as well as antique silver jewelry. The company also carries rare collectibles including baseball cards, comic books, and an expansive selection of collection supplies.

In addition to the fantastic selection of goods, Astoria Coins and Collectibles is known for its friendly approach to customers. The medium-sized store, founded in 1975, is enjoyable to browse and strives to be a hub for coin collectors where they can meet, discuss trends and share knowledge of coins of interest.

(718) 545-3606
2106 30th Ave
Astoria, NY 11102


The Manhattan Coin Shop

The Manhattan Coin Shop is a high-volume coin dealership that specializes in bullion coins. This mid-sized store carries a wide and constantly changing collection of the more popular types of silver and gold bullion coins, such as the Canadian Maple Leaf. If you are searching for a specific type of coin, the Manhattan Coin Shop offers a specialized coin search service where they will assist in locating the desired coin. The stock lists can also be accessed online along with the buying and selling prices for different coins.

(212) 944-1025
30 West 47th St. Suite #816
New York, NY 10036


Global Gold And Silver

The Global Gold and Silver coin store is a specialized coin dealership located in midtown Manhattan. The store specializes in the sale of silver and gold coins, flatware, jewelry and other types of precious metal products. Global Gold and Silver are located in the Diamond District and can be found in one of the office buildings in this area.

One of the benefits of working with Global Gold and Silver is that you will receive a high quality of customer service. Oshri Reuven, the owner, is well known for offering top-notch service and caters to both collectors and casual sellers. Appointments are not always required when dealing with Global Gold and Silver but they are encouraged, particularly if you have a significant amount of silver or gold bullion or coins to sell.

(212) 302-4653
7 W 45th St. Ste 1200
New York, NY 10036


Vieira Coins And Collectibles Incorporated

Vieira Coins and Collectibles Inc. is a company that buys, sells, appraises and trades coins, antiques, and precious metals. They sell primarily via eBay; however, Vieira does have a storefront showing a selection of coins for customers to browse. Despite providing a plethora of services, Vieira Coins and Collectibles specialize in the buying and selling of rare coins that carry a premium exceeding the value of the metal, including rare foreign coins, US coins, and paper currency.

Regardless of the service being provided, Vieira is well known for their attentive approach with competitive prices and they are a member of the American Numismatic Association.

(718) 840-7516
8820 Whitney Ave
New York, NY 11373


American Coin And Stamp Company

Due to the high sales tax rate in New York City, the majority of investors choose to travel across the river to New Jersey when purchasing bullion or coins. One of the most well known and reputable coin stores in this area is the American Coin and Stamp Company.

Located under twenty miles from New York City, this store offers lower rates and sales taxes; thereby, offering investors highly affordable rates on gold, silver, and rare coins. Being the oldest and largest coin dealership in New Jersey, American Coin buys and sells coin and bullion collections; as well as specializes in silver, gold, and US coins.

(877) 949-8800
1273 Main Avenue
Clifton, New Jersey 07011