Precious Metal Dealers In Tempe, Arizona


The Gold Guy

With multiple locations throughout the entire state of Arizona, The Gold Guy stands above the rest as the largest dealer of precious metals. Even more incredible is the fact that The Gold Guy is family owned, has been around serving the locals for over 30 years. As for the metals, they deal in, they buy silver, gold, and platinum.

That includes coins of all kinds, including the ever popular American Eagles and also foreign coins. They have an affinity for silver bars as well, and the company takes not just any size of the silver bar but any mint as well. So if you own silver bullion, this place will take it off your hands no question. Free appraisals await you on scrap jewelry and all gold items, too.

As mentioned, the Gold Guy also deals in coins, and one example is Mercury Dimes. They are your one stop shop for precious metals and coins, and you can see that they deal with much more than gold. The size of the transaction is no concern either, as The Gold Guy purchases individual coins as well as large quantities of precious metals. The Gold Guy also pays top dollar when it comes to buying precious metals in the state of Arizona.

(480) 968-4653
840 E Southern Ave
Ste 102
Tempe, AZ 85282


Tempe Pawn & Gold

Then there is Tempe Pawn & Gold, and this is a good place to take all of your gold and silver coins. That is what they like to buy. Some of what they like to buy and sell include American Buffaloes, coins in the US minted prior to 1965 and coins in general that were minted prior to 1933. It is safe to say that this is your go to place for selling any coins of value in Tempe AZ. It would also be interesting to browse their collection if you are a collector that is looking to buy. This pawn shop in Tempe has been around for over a decade serving the locals and precious mental investors.

(480) 464-0000
2105 S Rural Rd
Tempe, AZ 85282


Molnar's Stamp & Coin

Another great place to visit as a precious metals investor cruising Arizona is Molnar's Stamp & Coin. You can obviously see that this establishment also deals in stamps and not just coins and precious metals. The owner of this business has been collecting all of his life and loves to talk. They also have a store online, where investors can look at their inventory and make purchases.

(480) 948-9672
7118 E Sahuaro Dr
Scottsdale, AZ 85254