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Here’s how it works

The Gold Standard

PMC Gold gives you any access to gold and the ability to spend it instantly! Since the beginning of time gold has carried a fair standard of value in every corner of the world. Its value is independent of any currency manipulation or government control.

A Digital Platform For Your Gold

Our global platform allows you to purchase gold in any currency via bank transfer, credit card, or certain cryptocurrencies. With distributed ledger technology, you can now spend, save, or transfer gold instantly through the account you create.

Your purchased gold is stored securely in an established depository and, upon your approval, is held there for investment, transferred to another person or entity, or shipped to you directly. Our customers are purchasing products, paying bills, transferring to others, holding gold as an investment and enjoying the peace of mind that comes with owning physical gold.


YES! Gold can do that too…

Diversify Investment

Diverse  assets are an important part of a successful portfolio. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Save for the Future

A look back in history shows gold as the undisputed standard for value across all generations and cultures.

Buy Goods and Services

Digital gold facilitates purchases of any amount in a simple and secure transaction.

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