About PM Capital


With extensive experience in the precious metals industry, PM Capital is the premier source for buying gold and silver in the United States. We market and distribute a variety of exclusive products ranging from gold and silver bars and rounds to rare numismatic coins. The mission of our entire business operation is dedicated to providing these valuable products directly to your doorstep.

Our main office is located in the Salt Lake Valley, where the scenery is incredible and the business environment is primed for massive growth. Many major corporations from around the globe are expanding or opening offices in Utah, taking advantage of the unique climate and the extraordinary quality of a young and vibrant workforce.

As solid as the Granite Mountains that surround PM Capital, our Client Care combined with our commitment to personalized service makes PM Capital your number one trusted source for acquiring precious metals.

The quality of our products is our top objective and we accomplish that mission with a staff dedicated to serving you. Combining our service with the industry's finest wholesale network ensures that every new coin, round or bar meets or exceeds current quality standards established by the NGC and PCGS.

Building your precious metals portfolio can be a challenge and that’s why PM Capital is dedicated to simplifying the task every step of the way.

We look forward to speaking with you very soon. Contact us at 800-599-8391.


What is PMC?

Buy ... Hold ... Spend

PM Capital offers physical gold to customers who want to own or use gold for 3 primary reasons:

  1. Investment portfolio diversification
  2. Currency hedging
  3. Payment for goods and services

PM Capital’s product offering supports each of these needs with specific products and services including PMC Gold, Trident Gold, and taking possession of physical gold. These products are promoted through internal advertising, word of mouth, and affiliates.

Taking Possession of Physical Gold
Customers who want to diversify their portfolio holdings with a tangible asset such as gold bullion or coins use PMcapital.com. PMcapital.com gives customers the option to take possession of physical gold or securely hold gold in remote storage.

Trident Gold
Customers who hedge against currency fluctuation want an easy way to buy, hold, and sell  gold with liquidity. Trident Gold offers a secure and safe way to easily exchange FIAT currency for gold and vice versa by providing secure storage of the physical gold in a trust for the benefit of the gold owner. Using distributed ledger technology and the advanced security it provides, Trident is able to meet the dynamic needs of currency hedging with efficiency, speed, and convenience.

PMC Gold
Customers who want to either hold fractional gold for investing purposes or purchase smaller quantities of gold in exchange for goods and services use PMC Gold. Similar to Trident Gold, PMC Gold makes large or small quantities of gold easily transferrable in a secure and safe way. Now consumers can use their physical gold as an investment and transfer to other individuals or entities as payment for goods and services in fractional value, yet still knowing that the physical gold is safely stored within a trust on their behalf.

The PMC suite of products makes gold, which was previously very difficult to transfer or use as a fungible asset, easy to use with flexibility, portability, and transferability. Because the purchase of fractional physical gold is in smaller quantities some consumers want to use their credit card to complete these transactions. Typically, the transaction size is between $50.00 and $500.00; which makes wire or ACH too expensive and is perfect for Credit Card usage.