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Now you can fund your life with gold!

People want to own and use gold for a variety of reasons

PM Capital’s product offering supports these needs with specific products and services including PMC Gold and taking possession of physical gold.


Investment Portfolio Diversification

Stable Cash Reserves

Currency Hedging

Liquid Investment

Payment for Goods and Services

Taking Possession of Physical Gold

Customers who want to diversify their portfolio holding with a tangible asset such as gold bullion or coins use PM Capital. PM Capital gives customers the option to take possession of physical gold or securily hold gold in remote storage.

PMC Gold

Think of a checking account with gold instead of dollars. Customer who want liquid cash reserves without the volatility of currency can own gold in a format that funds life:

  • Purchase products at retail or eCommerce.
  • Hire services.
  • Pay bills.
  • Transfer funds to a friend.

PMC Gold is held and managed for you in remote storage. Distributed ledger technology makes it easy to buy, hold, and spend gold anywhere in the world.

I want to buy Gold with PM Capital

PMC Gold can be purchased online via your preferred method: bank transfer, credit card, debit card, or cryptocurrency. It’s like purchasing a prepaid bank card backed by gold.

The PMC suite of products make gold easy to use with flexibility, portability, and transferability . Because the purchase of fractional physical gold is in smaller quantities some consumers want to use their credit card to complete these transactions. With typical transactions between $50.00 and $500.00 the use of ACH or wire becomes cost-prohibitive and is perfect for Credit Card usage.

Discover the right opportunities 

Helping you understand the changing gold market to assist you in finding the right opportunities for your individual investing needs.


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